For an ultra high gloss finish on decorative concrete, interlocking pavers, clay, saltillo, concrete, flagstone, slate, flamed granite, driveways, sand joints and most porous hardscapes.

-Forms a heavy-duty layer of plastic protection.
-Self- cross linking acrylic / polyurethane, that outperforms 2 part epoxy on hot tire performance.
-Enhances colors with a beautiful Wet Look finish. Outperforming other products in depth of gloss and hardness. Additionally,
-Provides the wet look that makes oil based lacquer obsolete. You cannot use lacquer where vapor pressure exists, as on patios, driveways or surfaces in contact with the earth.
-Excels at early water and stain resistance.
-High end joint stabilizer, making it ideal for interlocking pavers.
-Safe to use in areas of hydrostatic pressure. When properly applied, 888 High Gloss will not crack, peel or turn yellow.
-Below 100 V.O.C., meeting SoCal A.Q.M.D. regulations.