Plastic Riverside

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This product is a blend of Portland cement, limestone and additives formulated for scratch and base coat in stucco applications. Plastic Cement is an air entrained Portland Cement with lime. This product is designed to bond with Plaster Sand and stick to wire mesh on vertical applications such as scratch and brown coat stucco.

-Used for smoothing rough or broken concrete walls
-Additive only
-Used as an ingredient for scratch and brown for stucco
-Used as a scratch coat over block or manufactured stone
-California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

• Plastic cement is the binder that mixes with sand to create a mortar or stucco basecoat mix
• This cement is used to replace type II cement in a masonry or stucco application
• Plastic cement has “plasticity” or “workability”
• Plastic cement in a mortar mix will work without adding lime or clay for workability
• Usually mixed in a ratio similar to: 1 part cement, 3 – 4 parts sand